Sunday, February 11, 2007

Lets Dance!

The past couple of weeks has been hellish. Too much work, too much stress, super cold weather... This video makes me smile and forget about stress for a minute. I have a feel Mika will be the next big thing.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Winter/Work Escapist

The weather in Chicago has gone from cold to worse over the past weekend and to make matters worse, I have been working crazy hours at work. To escape from thoughts of work and attempt to relax, I headed to the Schaumburg on Saturday to window shop at Ikea and Woodfield Mall. While at Woodfield I got to check out American Eagle's new spin-off store "Martin+Osa".

I absolutely loved the visual merchandising, color pallet and the quality of the clothes. It reminds me of a marriage between J.Crew and Patagonia. I love the different shades of gray sweaters and the thick sweatshirts. It seems like so many retailers are skimping on the quality of the fabrics they use in their lines, which was not the case here. The jeans and wool sweaters were thick and sturdy. The price point is very similar to Banana Republic and J.Crew, but since their Spring 2007 line is coming into the store this week, practically everything in the store was 60%. I definitely took advantage and invested in some gray sweaters, jeans, etc...

Be sure to check out their website. It has a beautiful clean, crisp design. Unfortunately a majority of the line is not online and you cannot purchase anything online. I love the "worth a look" section. It is a great resource for interesting books and music.

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