Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Style Found

I am one of those people who has the hardest time deciding what style they like because I like pieces from many different of style. As I get rid of the cheapo college furniture from my apartment, I am finding it harder and harder to figure out what style I want my apartment in. I guess my style is similar to what Domino Mag features (bits and pieces of different styles combined in one conhesive look).

I recently discovered the grail of mixing different styles of furniture-"Found Style" by David and Amy Butler. My favorite part of this book is how they mix mid-century modern/modern with flea market finds to create a conhesive look. All the interiors in this book are beauiful. Every time I browse it, I find something else I missed in it. This book also gives me tons of inspiration for objects to look for when I go to the flea market on Sunday mornings. Over the this week and next I will features some of my ebay/flea market finds.

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