Sunday, January 7, 2007

Spring comes early

I totally regretting not purchasing the now infamous Bobbi Brown Chocolate Palette. When I got the email announcement of the Violet Palette, I went straight to Nordstrom to check it out. I was pretty certain that the violet colors would work with my skin, because I have very similar coloring to the model on Bobbi's website. After trying it out, I had to buy it. It is the perfect introduction to spring. The violet blush and eye shadows are fresh, light and youthful. After putting the colors on, I was in the mood to go to Charleston, SC or some warm. I did not purchase the Limited Edition Ultra Violet Shimmer Eye Shadow, but I am planning on going back. I am surprised the lack of press this palette has gotten, however when I was in Nordstrom women were purchasing it left and right.

I also purchase Bobbi's new Concealer to Go that day. As a concealer newbie, this is a great way to try three concealer products for a low price. I am planning on getting the full sizes of the corrector and concealer.

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